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ST9 - Short Western History
Story 2 - western history short view

In the trenches in WWI, things were really rough, though current warfare isn't all that much different, is it? People are still bombed in their homes, raped, displaced, and threatened.

What is it about nations?

Anyway, imagine that you're in WWI or in another war zone

The wall resonates
enemy troops surge ahead
turn, duck, start shooting

After the carnage of that war, the world picked itself up. Monarchs seemed to be less powerful. Who did benefit?

the race ended
fat prizes lay in heaps
sex, power and wealth

Some people took stands, and kept trying to figure out how to move people - regular people - and their social concerns and rights to conduct their lives in peace and without interference from others - forward. One was a woman named Emma. She was hounded by the press and government, and sent to Russia as an exile for her beliefs, even though she was an American citizen, She came back to Canada for a while. I wish I'd been around in the 1920s

Toronto post-war
Emma Goldberg - radical
one coulda met her

Not long ago I was at an open mic south of Vancouver, in White Rock. A woman I was standing next to was talking about her own self-image. She wasn't talking to me when said

thank you very much
I like my body just fine
look at someone else

This haibun was started as something vaguely historic. In art, rules are to be broken. I'm rambling on discussing events and writing about whatever comes to mind. It's not random and not a memoir. All these thoughts have some connection to my own experiences. I'm trying to find a new way to write. I'm using technology to compose and disseminate. Speaking of dissemination

the email I sent
I hope you didn't get it
maybe it got lost

To finish off, I'll include a haiku that describes something recent. My wife and I were waiting to get in an elevator. I walked in but she didn't make it before the doors closed. I said "Oops, lost my spouse," and those in the box let out a collective guffaw. Very gratifying.

spirits were raised high
a crowded elevator
a quick lucky laugh

There it is, western history in a couple of minutes, accompanied by music also made possible through technology. Thanks, @fuzzy for letting me use some of your bass craziness.

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
Well, I'm in it now, writing about whatever crosses the transom, playing a little mando over the haiku parts.
Thanks @fuzzy for the two bass tracks.


@Fuzzy here;

You're quite welcome!!!
That was totally entertaining. Love the storytelling, which was random but engaging and sprinkled with wit. The music was perfect…just the right amount and it was well executed and rich with texture.

Nice, this another great collaboration! The combo of music under the story works so well, I totally dig it!

A curious series of vignettes connected by haiku, or is it haiku connected by vignettes, all while breaking down the fourth wall. Fascinating!

Good humor in here, cool track as it compares to the previous collab.

This is totally different ..but creative.

You've gone from writing three lines to whole pages of text. It's all interesting stuff, the mando's a nice touch, and I like it all juxtaposed against Fuzzy's noise. I particularly like the open mic story.

an appealing, imaginative, and enjoyable piece of experimental writing backed by some truly individual music. keep going with this, we need new forms. down with post modern, parasitical retreads.