Collection: storysongs
ST6 - A walk to the end of the internet
A walk
To the end
Of the internet

The path
Starts in the basement
Down a dark hall

Notes written in codes and
Slivers of documentations
Line the walls

Ecstatic murmurs
Heave up
From the subfloor

Through a door outside
Rats scurry
Behind dumpsters

An unpruned rose bush
Fragrant and sharp
Bursts blooming

Youths sing nonsense
Under the elm tree
At the far end of the yard

CEOs dance naked on
A picnic table
Covered in silk

Sneak attacks
Convert wallets
Into fungus

A joyous sound
Of connection rises

A click and a snap
Hands pull
From your pocket

In the street
Between car crashes
People lose their jobs

Couples coo
As unlikely deals
Come together in a heartbeat

Finally the edge
Beyond -
The explanation

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
Seems like a good topic, and my little red electric guitar wanted to have fun.
You beatnik!
Fabulously odd guitar riffs and weird lyrics ... what's not to like? Love "CEOs dance naked on a picnic table" and "convert wallets into fungus." Nice percussion and keyboards, as well.

The title is a fabulous hook. I really enjoyed the journey, lyrics packed with imagery and atmosphere, CEOs dancing naked on picnic tables, people losing jobs between car crashes. Puts me in mind of Dr John and Tom Waits but very much your own thing!

The sound of the drums
offers the bed
for bass and guitar

Your voice
guiding us securely
through the apocalypse

Sonically this is AMAZING. The textures between the breathy vocal, the clacking percussion, the singing of the electric guitar all work together in a stellar way. Love “fragrant and sharp.” I loved every second of this journey.

The vocal delivery on this track is so so so good. Really interesting concept too. The bass chords were a really nice touch; they really drove the song forward into its second half. Great work!