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ST5 - Walking calmly in
Walking calmly in
The woods the dappled sunlight
Was filtering through

I came to a split
With three paths going three ways
And a sign that said

Choose one, or choose two
Or choose three, but however
You do it, just choose

So I chose all three
At first it was confusing
And I was stumbling

But then an owl in
The misty distance hooted,
Said the following:

"I'm here all three ways
It doesn't matter which way
You take you'll get here

Tomorrow morning
At 4:35 a.m.
Bring pancakes and eggs

We'll have a big feast
I have some blueberries, too
We'll put them on top"

One one path I found
Eggs, syrup, butter and mix
All fresh and tasty

On path two I found
A cast iron frying pan
Already seasoned

On path three I found
Light green plates and silverware
And a red candle

I carried it all
Because there was three of me
Six arms, no problem

Sure enough, the owl
Was waiting in a clearing
With napkins and chairs

A fire was set
Flaming nicely in a pit
And I cooked 'em up

We used a big stump
As a table, and a moose
Joined in the meal

Talking about this
And that, we covered a lot -
True conversation

At the end I said
"This has been great, and now I'll
Take all three paths back"

The owl and moose said
They had expected as much
And exchanged a smile

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
It's been a great 1st summer FAWM for me. These haiku lyrics jumped out this morning. The story is based on what's happening in my life right now - pulled along in multiple directions - and loving it.

The guitar is a small red folk Framus from the very early 60's - the sticker says "Built in the Heart of Bavaria." My first real guitar, which I've kept these many years and which helps me keep going. After I raised the strings to make it a slide, it gained a new life.

Scott - @ttg105 - detects a Pennyfeather influence, and indeed there is. He's helped unleash my inner Pennyfeather. Brings me way back to a drawing I did after college with a bunch of animals having conversations around a statue at a cocktail party. An art dealer who looked at my various pieces picked that one out as the only one that had promise.

Thanks to all.
there is something about this that reminds me of animations from my childhood. i can picture a juddery drawn stop animation for this surreal story, very relaxing listen

What a beautiful calming voice. And the music is so gentle and subtle … I feel instantly transported. And then the story is so lovely and also so weird!! Love everything about it.

"Built in the Heart of Bavaria."

Sounds like a future song title to me...

Lovely guitar, especially the slide bits.

I detect a distinct Alice In Wonderland vibe in these lyrics.

As I think I've said before, your guitar/voice combo is pleasing and relaxing.

Don't trust art dealers; they're only in it for the cash.

I detect a Pennyfeather influence! Great lyrics - nothing better than talking animals and food - and lovely, laid back slide guitar. 4:35 am is a bit early, but I'll take pancakes and eggs at any time.