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ST4 - Hmmm
Collab with @Yewnorker

Hmmmmm ...

Our houses are bigger
But our families are smaller
We're short on character
But the men are taller

Hmmmm ...

We have lots more meds
But we're all less healthy
Shallower relationships
But we're more wealthy

Hmmmm ...

More conveniences
But we have less time
We have more degrees
But with smaller minds

Hmmmm ...

We have more experts
But there's more things wrong
We have more choices
But our freedom's gone

Hmmmm ...

We keep expecting more
As we try to keep up
We're spoiled rotten
But it isn't enough

Hmmmm ...

We're eating faster food
We have slower digestions
The lives that we lead
Call into question

Why ....

We've been to the moon
But we won't cross the street
The new neighbors are in
We don't care if we meet

Hmmmm ...

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
@ayais - I took @yewnorker's fine lyrics and did a kinda mashup with a calm baritone track and a frantic processed lydian mode track, and spoke instead of sang. Didn't want to be preachy, and left the more relaxed intro and outro to take that edge off. I'm not in my regular studio at home. I wonder what would have happened there.
I think I commented before on the lyric,--(which I like alot)- love the musical choices you've made here, the spoken word played as against the guitars really works well. great job all around, music and lyric!

Good critique of modern life in the West given a nice treatment here.

I’m doing what I never do and reading all the comments first! But I agree wholeheartedly - the points made are put really well and don’t come across as a diatribe of the ills of modern society more of an observation- and that is further brought out in the delivery ( great voice) . The guitar et noodling is fabulous. Great collab

I like how the delivery of the lyric really does feel like an exploration rather than a rant, like, wait, is this right. I love the crackling low-fi feel, which for me touches on the way that having technology raises expectations for perfection in ways that stink...And making music - the focus of the guitar feels like an antidote to all this stuff...

Well said. The steady guitar behind it all is good contrast to the rest of the composition. Nice.

@ttg105 - The crackle came in with one of the guitar effects and rather than root it out I left it alone. Also, what might sound like two lead guitars is just one with echo.

The guitars in unison with the crackle (intentional?) give this a weird, otherworldly sound. I agree 100% with the lyrics!

Yeah, so good, both the lyrics and the performance.

Love the guitars all going at once.

Great vocal performance.

Excellent points in the lyrics.

Nice collab, folks.

This sounds really nice Dan. Nice and simple. The guitar adds so much to the mix. Thank you so much for doing this! These lines here are based on ideas of the Dalai Lama. To pick up on what Bill said below, this is very much about the emptiness of much of modern western culture.

paradoxes... i dont think all of these apply to everybody, and most are specific to the first world. the guitar part is enticing, and the spoken words are well spoken.

Really good lyrics! now I listen: sounds like two people sitting on a patio. one in his rocking chair thinking loud about the state of the world. cool that you made it a spoken word tune. the guitar sounds like another one sitting in the back and playing to his words ... yes, I got a picture in my head of two old men sitting there reasoning about the world.
I like it!