Collection: storysongs
ST7 - Moon glimmers - collab w/bear
@Mahtowin/Bear: vocal
@Ayais/DR: lyric, music

moon glimmers
bourgeois children
dance in their fancy shoes

hop from bar to bar
not sure they don't believe
in fairy tales

creatures emerge
from the alley to gobble
the whole frilly bunch

now it's up to cops
and inspectors to sort out
bloody shoelace bits

moms and dads begin
to wonder what to do now
the moon still shines strong

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
@mahtowin (aka Bear) took the lyric and music and a beautiful transformation took place.

Bear sayz: it was a pleasure!
A gruesome and eerie tale! And somehow kind of funny, too.
Sweet and frightening !
So sad a story told with such a aesthetic detachement ! It makes the night darker and the frightening deeper. Like does the full moon, sometimes.
To an American, the accented words add a note of mystery. Love the background vocals. Love the background guitar. "Frilly" is a very interesting word choice. The delivery of "now it's up to the cops and inspectors to sort out" is fabulous: calm, resigned, tired -- perfect. The ending *does* sound peaceful, even beautiful, but the story, to my understanding, is violent and sad. A fascinating song.
Peaceful murder - what a genre. A great listening odyssey that you two have created here. The words are sublime and the vocal setting is both lovely and unnerving.

A wonderful collab. The guitar sounds great as well as the vocals. The lyrics make me think of a young person who got in trouble. It doesn’t even have to mean trouble. It could be mental health related. Very nice.

Qauw what a scenery one get painted in the words.
Very dreamy feeling with the airy voices

Soft and peaceful, like a lullaby of sorts!

Lovely collab. As always, Mahtowin fills the music with layers of her sweet vocals. I particularly like the way she recites the "now it's up to cops" verse against a backdrop of her own singing. Guitars, etc. sound intriguing and match the mysterious lyrical content.

Ooooooh, what a beautiful told, creepy story!