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ST1 - Mother Nature's Kitchen - Aftermath
Mother Nature asked me over
To do some work in her kitchen
A reach for my skills
But I gave it a try

While I was working
She started talking
Complaining really
About the mess

Her countertop
Was the problem for her at this moment
Pollution and such
And the heating up

She wiped the counter
Muttering and grumbling
About the little creatures
But guess what?

We are the creatures
On Mother Nature's countertop
She keeps it clean
In her kitchen

What could I do?
My jaw dropped
I didn't want to upset her
I guarantee that

I saw a glimpse of her fury
Subdued, really, but not good for
What she saw as ants and germs
Scurrying around

So we might think about
Staying out of her sight
Because if she decides to do something
She does it

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
@audrey Kozak wrote the music - titled Aftermath - which I find lovely and moving. I asked her if I could put words to her piece, and she graciously accepted.

#nature #mother #aftermath

When @ayais asked if he could set his inspired words to my piece, Aftermath, I was flattered, and I think they are such a good fit. I especially like how he changed the ending, bringing us back to considering what a force nature is. Thank you Dan.
Lovely and foreboding.
I love how this is set in Mother Nature's kitchen! The vision of the lyricist with the painted colors of the music interact in a lovely way.

The music does paint a picture of storms to calm. It alones takes you on a journey of the days of our lives. Now, the lyrics. What a wonderful tale and wonderful imagery, like being a young child and it's story time. What a unique take on Mother Nature and her provision. Great collab.

That first line is just so great. The idea of Mother Nature being a grumbling neighbor lady. It's a fun and surprising partnering with the magnificent music.

How dramatic !
I love the subtext, and how suddently the druming episodes sound like a mass extinction.
I heard too many time that emotions are the enemies of intelligence, but in that case I fell like the deeply moving music help understanding the message. I understood that message as "how fragile we are in mother nature's hand".
Oh, the fright at "not good for / What she saw as ants and germs / Scurrying around".
That story is a great motivation for washing some dishes in Mother Nature's kitchen.

What a beautiful blend of talents!! I actually got chills when you sang those lines in the chorus. This is wonderful!

the music is gorgeous and i like the carefully measured recitation of the lyric. it is also a nice touch when the voice is raised a bit in song for the chorus.

Incredible start, and the change to calmer music and spoken word was awesome. The music is so pretty and balances the message so well. I agree that they are a very good match. Nice move to the song portion and back. Such an engaging song. It reminds me of some very early, pretty Chicago yet also spoken word artists like Laurie Anderson. Perfect all the way to the ending. This was a a great collaboration!

Wonderful collaboration! The message is a clear and fair warning. The spoken words are very effective at emphasizing the point. Love it!

Great collaboration. The poetic spoken word is interesting and well delivered. Fantastic underlying music too…

This is a super collaboration. The spoken word, poetic, with a bit of singing for the chorus. This all fits together so well. Thanks for sharing.

Starting with cacaphonous drums; then moving into storytelling; very meta lyrics about the mess on the planet on the countertop. Slow build up with the flutes, piano, and synths.

I'm a sucker for spoken word, and this is definitely a highlight in this years FAWM for me! Nice little touches throughout the whole piece, from both vocals and instruments. It was a real pleasure listening to this!

What a cool collaboration! Nicely measure narrative that fits the music really well. I love the beginning and ending with those percussive thunder crashes and the slow swell and then diminishment of the orchestral arrangement, like anger building under the surface but not quite ready to fully explode. Not yet.