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H6 - Where should I
Where should I
Drive today?
How about nowhere?

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Release notes
This is about how hard it is to sit still.

The second five haiku were released online as a batch on FAWM (February Album Writing Month), and the comments are repeated for all five. Thanks to Richard Masters as an early and continuing fan.

I'm a total fan of your haiku songs - maybe it matches my attention span :) These are all really pleasing and your delivery is just the right thing but #9 is a wonder for it's fluidity of meaning and context...and it made me laugh. The zen is very present in these songs.

Cool idea writing in haikus. Love these short-form songbooks, and they usually make me think of some musical character who sings everything they say. My favourite is #7, it made me chuckle. Nice harmonies - like you say, the shortform leads to lots of tweaking, which can be inspiring!