Collection: Karma Casino
05 - Plum Wine
She asked him why . . . what he said
Was more complicated than a hieroglyph

She asked him why . . . he was wound like a Swiss clock
Or drawn like the Ace of Hearts

She asked him why . . . he had drunk
A river of dark plum wine

She asked him why . . . he thought Aztecs were in Abyssinia
Before the dawn of time

She asked him why . . . he had walked
Blindfolded and backwards into a beehive

She asked him why . . . he had thrown those ashes
Into the Ganges

She asked him why . . . he’d stolen her heart like
The Pirates of Penzance

He said “It all started at the front door”

He said “I’ve told all this to you before”

He said “I lay the sun before your feet”

He said “My bags are packed
Along the road to lasting peace”

He asked “Do you have the number of the U-Haul place?”

She said “Here’s your twenty bucks
Go get the truck”

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
One of Reid's poems that we re-worked.

I like repetitive structures, and this one fit perfectly. By the end we had worked it into three separate sections, each with it's own repetitive music.

Mary Ann went down to her low range to everyone's delight, Steve finished it off.