Collection: Karma Casino
06 - Mothership of Might
You birthed us yesterday
We're all grown up
To pursue the ascendancy
To resist any tendency

We'll subdue pernicious nostrums
And find a way to knock some
Sense into the heads
Of that wackadoodle party

They want to fight unfair
They flitter in the air
In their ungodly high heel shoes
They're always acting tarty

Don't panic Granny
Your sons have it in the bag
They’ll keep you and protect you
Even though you're a hag
To salute you like the flag


No unfairness in our fight
We hang together tight
To vanquish evil bastards
In our Mothership of Might

Your sons will gut the opposition
Undermine the exposition
Of unwelcome factual bases
And other outer spaces

Exhale now, it's over
The future's full of clover
The twinkle in your eye
Will last forever


all copyright, etc.
Release notes
I don't remember whether Reid or I started this off, but we threw ourselves into a raucous effort.

Steve threw in a super lead, and everyone kicked in on the vocals.