Collection: Karma Casino
11 - River Dream
A leaky old boat, barely afloat
Hands on the oars, backs in the stroke
The river runs deep, swift and wide
A golden door on the other side

We’re tired and we’re headed upstream
The current pushes down and we scream
We try we try

We make it to an island with knots in our chests
We pause to bail water, get shade and rest
No turning back now, it’s carry, carry on
The second half wider but we’re singing this song

With all our strength we push away
The oars in the locks again and we say
We’ll try, we’ll try

We’re getting across, but barely afloat
Like a team of oxen with our necks in a yoke
We’re looking for an answer to the riddle of love
It seems to hover over like an angel above

Hoping for a taste of grace
We find it in each other’s face
We see, we see

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
This song of mine came from a guitar class I taught to 3/4/5th graders at the local elementary school.

A simple structure grew into something heartfelt.