Collection: Karma Casino
10 - Burkha Barbie
Ken saw Barbie in a burka
She was something crazy
That he couldn’t see

The doll he saw looked so so groovy
She flashed her eyes lookin’ right at him
That’s all he could see

How she must swing under that thing
Yes, you can hear how her lips sing
Her smell must be swell, so so alluring
Imagine her long legs moving

Even though he knows she’s a doll
He looks into her eyes and he falls

There goes Barbie in her burka
She is something really crazy
That he can’t see

Hey hey Barbie take off your burka
He’d like to know
Who you would be

Would you see Ken? What would he see
Could you be real, and fantastic?
Would you have kids? Check out some vids?
Maybe you wouldn’t be plastic

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
I came back from a trip to Turkey in 2012 and had this song bubbling around. Reid helped tighten up the lyrics.

One of the first we recorded at Asparagus, the vocal just popped out, opening the door for me.

A little dated now, and some might call it a trigger song, but the intent is clean and positive. I hope you agree.