Collection: Karma Casino
09 - Transmit Only Phony
I can see there’s nothin happenin’
for you and me

I’m walking away
You’ve ruined the party
You’re way too loud
You and your friends

I’m in a totalitarian state
When you open your mouth
The conversation left the room
With the security guard

I get a headache
Cause you’re so on message
Your words leak through your pores
Warping the floor

I came here thinking
we’d have a good time
Have laughs
Debate a point
See the light

I can see there’s nothin happenin’
for you and me

In anticipation
I gave you a valentine
You framed it
And show it to me every day

You’re breaking my heart
You don’t even know it
You tell a sad story
That you don’t own

When push comes to shove
You’re gonna blow it
Cause readin’ from a script
Ain’t livin’ right

The ones who lost their jobs
Were not your friends
You sport a
$400 haircut

I listened to you once
Now my knob is broken
When the coal miners died
crocodile tears

The mountain lost
Now where are you goin’?
Round in a circle
Missin’ everything

Sung Chorus

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
I was having a conversation with someone, and another person walked up and completely dominated the conversation. The blabbermouth walked off, and the person I had been talking to said simply "Transmit only."

That was the start of this song, which is too personal for some, but does get the point across. Reid and I shared lyric-writing.