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07 - Leave Your Best Wine to the Cannibals
I’m calling my friends
In case the world ends
We’ll need to discuss the news

The guys say no sweat
If you’re millions in debt
You won’t be around to pay dues

Pete says we’re dumb
That when we were young
A certain drill happened in school

We’d all hear the bell
Go under our desks
A little bit scary but cool

When the Modern World ends
Before we’re gone
We could be the diet of animals
Rose or red, white will be fine
Leave your best wine to the cannibals


I’m telling Bo Peep
To bring in her sheep
Advising Old Mother Goose too

Our kids will soon sleep
Quiet and deep
We’ll tuck them in tight to the blues

No grass will be mown
The trash will be blown
We’ll see with a new point of view

We’ve talked it all out
Now there’s no doubt
The world will be more of a zoo

Chorus with Instrumental (w ooh)

So take our advice
Settle things right
Test your flashlight
Sleep deep tonight
Give your will a re-write
Leave your best wine to the Cannibals
Leave your best wine to the Cannibals

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
One of Reid's poem/visions that we spruced up for fun.

I love different time signatures, and this 5/4 just tickles me.