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04 - Meant to Last
I'm going back in time - At first I feel sublime
I chat with all my friends – I try to make amends
But it doesn't take too long, Poof: I'm gone

You called me on the phone - you were all alone
The sadness in your voice - gave me a choice
It shouldn't take too long, cause I'm gone

Paths taken, lives shaken - days long gone
Words spoken, bonds broken - we go on

Now I look back again - try to touch the pain
Search for what’s mine - trace the jagged line
Talk is laced with pain, what’s there to gain?


I made that choice before - my heart is still sore
Life we shared was gold - today we’reolder
Time goes by so fast, another chance at last

Just looking backward, gets so awkward
Try looking forward to the way ahead
No point in missing, and reminiscing
The past is past, what said is said

I will see you soon, to share the joy and gloom
Look at time again - Carry on as friends
The time’s gone by so fast, we’re meant to last
The time’s gone by so fast, we’re meant to last

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Release notes
A song of mine that dates back to 2000 - the start of TakomaZone. I was thinking of my first wife, and the struggles we had had.

The music was always pretty much the same, though I changed up rhythm and tempo and even time signature many times over the years. I like this version.