Collection: Karma Casino
01 - Getting My Karma Right
Writing a resume
For a future life
I’m always kind to old folks
Treasure little children
But I’ve got footnotes and asterisks
For problematic issues and
Squandered things

Like buying friendships
And sneaking in sideways
Or laying too low

Making false promises
Avoiding the truth
Casting stones
When handshakes would do

I’ve crossed seven seas, and 18 oceans
Never trying to cause strife
I ask politely with no stabs in the back
No wooing lonely wives

I can’t say I believe
But strange things happen
If I’m coming back
I want a good position
I’m getting my karma right

My work’s well done
Handed in timely
I’m a comfort to strangers
Even those I don’t like
I don’t swim with darkened souls
Or linger in those deep
water holes

I’ll leave out digging that
Pit that shows no love,
Or expressing no interest

Why mention balking at
Or making pronouncements
To you

We could come back as a snail or a shrike
The top wolf in the pack
We want to go higher but as far as I can tell
Round and round is better than hell


all copyright, etc.
Release notes
Reid started the lyrics with a poem, and we went back and forth as usual until it was ready for music.

Steve and I had a ball recording this. Steve played uke and I played mando and slide, and we swapped uke/mando leads live.