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S14 - Leftover Man
In an former life
I was a dumpster diver
Had a special suit

Those days are over
Cause now I'm now a married man
So responsible

What has remained from
My earlier days is a
Love of leftovers

No fuss, short cleanup
Leave the pots in the closet
Use the microwave

I’m the Leftover Man, I’m the Leftover Man
No need for compost, no trash in the can
Forget the insinkerator, I’m a beast in the bush
That was for dinner? I’ll turn it into mush

I'm like a vulture
Feasting on foods that once had
Lives of their own

I like pasta with
Ginger peanut sauce and yams
And a side of beets

Also a fav'rit
Enchilada with clam sauce
Or a can of sprats

The spouse will dig it
Bringing peace to your household
Enjoy it - wear a grin

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
My spouse's mom had early Alzheimer's and would forget food in the fridge, leading said spouse to a lifelong distrust of tasty morsels not fresh off the grill. I've had to fight for my right to munch leftovers. Haven't actually eaten Sprats but oncet or twicet, as they say down South.

These are all haikus 'cept for the chorus.

Lovely. I like leftovers too. But I like your music and these wonderful micro stories ..

Love your sense of humor. So responsible! Very nice delivery here. Voice & git sound great!

Nice lazy Southern-type song. JJ Cale springs to mind. What are "sprats"? Tasty guitar! I like that the piano holds down the rhythm. Love the vulture analogy.

I love me some leftovers.
It's a pain in the butt making a new lunch every day.
Expert-level use of haiku.
Not sure why, but your guitar paired with your voice is very relaxing.
Love your storytelling delivery.
Great work here.

I really enjoyed this! The guitar backing really suits the spoken word. Pasta with ginger peanut sauce though?

Brilliant! I really LOVE the guitar here … like something goin on and on … like a train … bluesy and relaxed!

Enjoyed listening very much!

Really enjoyed this. Nice form. If I had to pin a style to this unique style, perhaps something like what Tom Waits does? Or Leonard Cohen?