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S12 - A Dauber Passing Through collab
Wand'ring down a country path
Between the walls of stone
Chimney smoke from o're the fields
My thoughts are all I own

All who wander are not lost and so it seems I roam

Bleating from a flock of sheep
A blast from a car horn
Impatient types them city folk
It's like this ev'ry morn

One hand clappin' against my coat one hand keepin' warm

I turn my head into the wind
The rain beats on the bog
I see my breath a distant laugh
The majesty of fog

Talking existentialism with Dostoevsky my dog

The truth is that I'm nothing grand
A dauber passing through
I'll paint some landscapes while I'm here
Perhaps a portrait too

A landscape or a portrait here's one I did for you

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
@ayais: @yewnorker's fine lyrics. I added tune and music. Such a great mood drawn by him. I'm sneaking this one in between family times, and it may be the last for a while.
Gorgeous. Love the lyric. Love the dog already! I had to listen twice. So lovely. So evocative. Fab collab

Oh, I like that Big Rock Candy Mountain hobo-ing setting for this lyric. I loved it when I read the words, but I hadn't imagined music like this. It just feels like such a picture of what it means to be radically present, and I love the way the last line suggests the song itself is the tossed off picture which is both a landscape and a portrait.

What a fantastic scene you paint. I can both visualize and feel it! Lovely banjo picking and easy-going vocals. A perfect fit with the lyrics. Nice collab!

Love the sound of that banjo! "Talking existentialism with Dostoevsky my dog" is a great line, and the painting metaphor in the last verse is cleverly done. I like the way the song ends on "here's one I did for you." Good collab!

Reading the lyrics first: you paint a picture and describe a situation i love to be in … wandering alone: only me and nature around. Also the thought in the last verse i can relate to very much.
Now i gonna listen...
Is this a banjo? Is it a waltz?
Liking the finger picking a lot! And the relaxed vocals.

You nailed it Dan! Wonderful take and your voice and banjo sound great! Thank you!

excellent lyrics nicely sung. that is a recipe for a song worth hearing more than a few times. i felt like i was walking along through america with this modest painter, seeing the world through his eyes, and making a new friend.