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S13 - Dithering Lass
I met a dithering lass-o
On her black and white horse near El Paso
Who was dining on grasses al fresco

I asked her for her name
She said I'll not say
At this particular moment-o

I said "Is it Kathy?"
She shivered and trembled
"Or Pam or Joella or Bliss-ee-o?"

Amid the vacillation
A cease to all communication
But she leant down and gave me a kiss-o

It was there I learned
That it's unwise to try
To barge into somebody's privacy-o

The peck on the cheek was sweet
I asked "Can I see you next week?"
She nodded both ways saying "Heigh-dee-ho"


We met in a strange situation
A true yes and no convocation
Going neither here nor there-o

You can bully and push
Badger and rush
But it's better to wait for a signee-o

I’m now with that dithering lass
On our black and white horses we’re fast
Approaching the plains of Durango

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Release notes
Sal and I were, as usual, checking that we had everything as we tried to leave the house. The conversation morphed to dithering, so I wrote a song about that. A sorta recursive process ...

The txalaparta wooden percussion fits here, no? I'm continuing the concept three lines per verse, haiku-like.
Great stuff. I can hear the horse. The gentle humour is wonderful. The voice very different from the last three ( I’ve been going down from most recent). I could listen to this transfixed for ages. Guitar sooo sweet. The quirky lyric a combo of folk and .. well something strange and magical. And ..

The wood block percussion really adds a "Western" feel here, like a horse ambling along ("You've got two empty halves of coconut and you're bangin' 'em together!").
A really great song here.
I like it a lot.
It sounds like you are singing right inside my head here.
Really great guitar and percussion backing.
And the guitar accents are very friendly and appealing.
This is the kind of thing that, if I were playing it myself with some friends, would go on for like three hours.
Nice propulsive groove, is what I'm saying.
Yeah, well done.

Not many songs feature the words "dithering," "convocation," and "vacillation"! A country song for intellectuals. Nice laid-back groove and percussion with tasty guitar fills. Upright bass a treat.

Such a great word. My inner nerd feels the need to observe that if you recorded this at 24-bit, your DAW probably dithered the file down to 16-bit for uploading to the site, because it's an audio term, too.

I love the gentle accompaniment on this. The way the guitar waltzes around everything and brings us to that happy ending is quite simply joyous.

She's just the dithering sort, @billwhite51

what was she dithering around with? i like the music and the tale you tell and the o-usage.