Collection: shortsongs
Hs41-43 - away from home collab w @fuzzy
@fuzzy: verse 1,3,5
@fuzzy and @yesnoyes: effects
DR: verse 2,4,6 and banjo

Waking at midnight
And, trying to remember
Where is the bathroom?

Where is my toothbrush?
That blue one in the holder
Doesn't look like mine

This house is not mine
I don't know how things work here
When can we go home?

What is all this food?
Your fridge is a packed train wreck
Not much to eat here

So nice to visit
And spend extended time
With family and friends

Is a gift from both the host
And a gracious guest

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
Even space sounds and a banjo go together when haikus are involved.
Topic: Away from home.
The odd haikus (1,3,5) and 'prepared' bass are @fuzzy
The 'prepared' autoharp is @yesnoyes
The evens (2,4,6) and banjo are @ayais
Very nice banjo and combo of various approaches to the haiku. Delay on the voice and weird sounds from the bass and autoharp gives it an otherwordly sound. Love the last haiku.

Another enjoyable tune! Interesting instrument combo.
At a hotel where I once worked 'We're always happy to see our guests. Some when they arrive and some when they depart.'

I enjoy haikus.
I have written quite a few.
Really enjoyed these.

Might have to restart.
Put a few more on Facebook.
Entertain my friends.

Grandson in Japan.
So he'll grow up to see them.
"Wow! Grandpa was cool..."

Great job, everyone!

Very interesting to hear these. Great collab