Collection: songs
S15 - AI, cat in the pie
FAWM Mother Goose skirmish

Mother Goose:

See saw, Margery Daw,
Jacky shall have a new master:
Jacky must have but a penny a day
Because he can work no faster.

Skirmish rewrite:

AI, cat in the pie
She licks her lips with gusto;
What once was a job is now but a gig
And tech gal must live on her crusto.

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
A skirmish in FAWM is when you write a song in an hour in response to a prompt. This one was to re-write a Mother Goose rhyme.
My first skirmish. What fun! Good prompt!
You can smell the popcorn, great stuff

Very clever, and I like the sort of carnival tones hanging out in the background.

Sounds like a demented carnival ... lovely.

Love the out of tune treatment clever succinct well produced . Great skirmish

It’s a difficult time for many, making a living wage. Liked the story and storytelling lyric. Nice skirmishing.

Such a modern spin on the old rhyme. Good skirmishing.

Oof! Very on the nose. Great commentary on today’s conundrums. Really cool instrument choice too, like Josie said.

I like the instrument choice and how the circus like beginning slips to the slightly discordant, verging on the manic.

That does update the penny-a-day story, and yet, the story never really changes, does it? Clever rewrite!