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S4 - God's Accordion
On His accordion
When the bellows collapse
Past mysteries are solved
Hot Damn!

In eastern Montana the bible's ascendant
They follow the book generations back
In a Glendive museum your mind will be blown
What was hidden, is there in plain sight


In six days he made it all, six thousand years ago
Science and T Rex bones fit in his plan
Dioramas shows indians riding on dinosaurs
When time shrinks down Einstein's surprised



The joint cross the street serves a fine ribeye
From a modern four-legger roped in by cowboys
In Glendive they play a biblical tune
God's melody makes it make sense


all copyright, etc.
Release notes
Here's my number 2 FAWM submission, the first year I joined. Taken from a cross-country trip a couple of years ago. We drove five legs just before and during the pandemic to see our daughter in Washington State, and had a grand time. Sadly, I missed visiting the museum in the song, but someday. It's tough to explain the bible in the midst of a zillion dinosaur bones, but they do their darndest.

Great lyrical approach to this - a raised eyebrow and a little smile on the lips. Great singing too. Hot damn!

I really like this - love the idea of God playing the accordion. I like your lyrics a lot - I saw this museum featured on the news here in the UK many years back. You have a delivery that is remincent of Cohen and Cash - no bad thing :)

love the gentle guitar that carries this tune along. love the solo that emerges as a nice surprise as you hum along. you have a great folky delivery of the vocal. The lyric is a great narrative.

This reminds me of family road trips where we would always spend a few days in some small town waiting for a mechanic to get a new water pump for our old car. I love the way you muse in music. And that solo is great too. Welcome to FAWM. Sounds like you’ve come to the right place.

This has a great feel to it. Got a bit of Chris Issac there in the solo. Great imagery. Really enjoyed listening to your vocals. It feels like your voice is suited to storytelling

Ayais, you’re a weird guy! I wanna party with you, man. Well recorded, clear and concise production. I love the leady bits! Yay, songwriters of a certain age!

I felt kind of cheated there was no accordion...
..just kidding. 😉 - nicely sung and played, especially that solo.