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S1 - Evidence
I tried to leave you
On an ethical basis
Ending up here
At the bottom of the sea

When you're in, you're in
The party's never over
Pay is good
Work isn't so hard

Not taken for granted
Words don't cover glances
Or misunderstandings
That have
Management through fear
Failure is exile
Return impossible
Except on your knees

The Boss rules
With an iron fist
You know the sweet spots
Muscle keeps it static

Demand is constant
People want what they want
For some strange reasons
Supply is a given
Interruptions are not
Allowed in this


I tried to leave
On a moral and ethical basis
Ending up here
At the bottom of the sea

Wearing heavy tennies
Nibbled from the head down
By creatures of all stripes
A testimony never given

But accepted as truth
By those in the know
Who don't need or want
To see or hear
The evidence

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Release notes
The germ of these lyrics was in a pile from several years ago, written during the last (Trump) administration.
Baritone guitar with the high end little fishie sounds coming from a capoed 70's Hopf times two.
Thanks, @ayehahmur. I hadn't really thought of corporate environments. I've only experienced them tangentially as a vendor. I was more thinking of political and criminal elements. Then again . . .

"Heavy tennies" is a wonderful phrase. Really nails the wry (and quite despairing) humour in the lyrics. And your lovely, laconic performance is perfectly pitched.
A very relatable song to anyone familiar with corporate environments.

you've got a very nice tone to your voice. dark lyrics which strangely work well with your gentle instrumental.

What beautiful, gentle music you've set these disturbing words to. To me, it portrays perfectly the juxtaposition of too many peoples' unquestioning trust in and denial of the reality surrounding certain politicians who are as crooked as they come. Well written and well performed. I enjoyed this song very much.