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S5 - Loose Wheel of Justice
It's hard for me to write about justice
Biased and bitchy, brutal and truthful
Where we don't always get what we ask for

It's hard to add humor to justice
Lightness isn't flowing from my pen
But I had this dream . . . it was

A cold and windy day on the sidewalk
Taking a walk to clear my head
At the corner as a truck full of justice passed by
A rear wheel popped off and came down the street


Smashing into houses, one side to the other
Then rolled in circles, lowering to a spin
Like a gyroscope on a tabletop
Or a penny wobbling, but it rose back up

Shit started flying off - was it falling apart?
Facts were shooting in the sky like fireworks!
A document search glitch spat truth out the side
Evidence notes were fluttering all around

A probe of a probe that went wrong
Popped out, rotting like an old banana skin
Racing down the street, toward the creek
The crashing wheel picked up speed again


An unlucky gawker got crushed
The wheel was getting bigger like a snowball
The semi just kept on driving up above
Judges in the cab looking straight ahead

I walked back home - and woke up

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Release notes
Third FAWM 2023 submission. Part of our time is in DC, where justice is talked about all the time. The song came to me in a dream state.
For the technically minded, a baritone classical is a regular classical with the five lower strings shifted up, and a .54 biggie string replacing the low E as a now low B.
The choppy edit is because of a not-full-blown overdub. All three tracks are first takes.
wow, this is surrealistic and really engaging- great work!
and that last line about the judges only looking straight ahead- nice point!

The easy casualness of this tune really spoke to me. I love the conversation intro and the fact that there's no rhyme scheme pulls it together in a nice way. And I love me a baritone. I have a baritone tele! Nice work, Dan!

The loose feel of this is kind of funny unto itself as justice seems a stern subject at first. The conclusion with the clueless judges hurt my heart...but so true.