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S3 - No Party Party Party
My friends and I agreed
That what we really need
Is a brand new party

A fresh new team
Then we disagreed
No new party

Let's all be winners
There's room for sinners
No fights - there won't be any need

We'll gather together
Wear our own feathers
In the No-Party Party

People started coming
We knew that we had won
With the No-Party Party

Next, a big bash
A colossa-rific smash
It was the No-Party Party Party


We were all winners
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Plenty of talkin' and such

We gathered as one
Had tons of fun
At the No-Party Party Party

A glorious future
Lies on the path
Of the No-Party Party

Stuff getting done
With a drama minimum
In the No-Party Party
In the No-Party Party

all copyright, etc.
Release notes
This is a political song, but not about parties. No, wait . . . it is about one party - the No Party Party. And when NPPers get together . . . they have a No Party Party Party!
Instrument: baritone and standard nylon guitars.
This song snuck up on me and won me over and left me smilin.

Demosnatches?! Don't tell Sleepy Joe.
Once upon a time a friend going through a rough time offered to give me his baritone guitar. I knew it would have been taking advantage of his mental state when he offered if I had said yes. But, boy, oh boy do they sound good.
hat single note bass-ish line bit is slick.
Oooo this was a great listen! The baritone sounds slick as hell. I really enjoyed the coming-together elements of serious and whimsical — like not taking yourselves too seriously is the antidote to counter the cumbersome reality. Or maybe it was just a moment of f*%k-it abandon. I also loved how you added layers in the background that didn’t always run in sync. The attitude shines through and I dig it so much!

oooh. I love that rhythm and the way your spoken bits fir into the music so well. The whole thing feels like a ride on the No Party VW Party Bus. Sign me up.

Great work! I love how you had that inspiration and followed it right to the logical conclusion, and made a mind-movie demo that's entertaining, fun, and a wild ride! And I have a baritone guitar as well, but didn't know that there were such things as classical (nylon string) baritone guitars!- this one sounds great, and I love all those multiple vocals.. reminds me a tiny bit of early Harry Nillsson, perhaps! As for subject, I'm in the 'D' column myself, most of the time, but appreciate the sentiment!

Cool idea. I'm liking it.

I love this. What a good idea, too! I'd join that no party party! Nice work! EDIT: I just listened to the demo. Great work, it's perfect!