This is a musical sandbox


Some of my music (click here) is stored on this site.

I have other interests, including:


Maryland's constitution says that "everyone gets to vote", but independent voters are kept out of partisan primaries. I'm working on developing a legal memo regarding this with Independent Voters of Maryland.


In my money-making world I've developed a little real estate and started a tech company or two. No stocks or bonds. I'm a bourgeois capitalist with a collaborative streak.


My father was a renegade from a rich and powerful waspy American family, and my mother - née Ayaïs - was a wild and crazy French/Basque. It's too long a story for this page.

Below is a sample musical haiku:

Dangling from above
Will you rise and gulp it down?
It looks so tasty

Musical life highlights:

- high school band with a pro mentor
- Magic Theatre sound/composer in SF
- studied w/ John Cage
- Karma Casino CD (2015)
- elementary school PTA guitar club teacher
- musical haiku start: 2023